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Dear Prospective Franchisee,

Greetings from AURA!

Here is some information that will help you understand the opportunity better.


AURA is a new-generation educational enterprise, endeavoring to promote mathematical and other learning skills of students age 4-16, through Abacus and Vedic Maths training programs.

Joining hands with AURA will prove to be a lucrative and rewarding business, guaranteed! It will not only bring you monetary gains but also provide you with the satisfaction of having helped students get rid of their fear of numbers. You will be responsible for improving their scores in quantitative subjects in no time! We are looking for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to partner with us in our expansion plans. Please contact us or refer your friends / relatives who will be interested in this opportunity.


Franchise opportunity – a glossary


• Very minimal investment towards franchise fees and training.

• Hand holding and training on all business aspects.

• Total support relating to programs, learning materials and promotional activities.

• Exclusivity of operation in a specified territory.

• Freedom in finance management and operational matters.

• Financially lucrative – Results are directly proportional to efforts.

• Quality of materials, trainings and products – unmatched in the field.


Requirements to own a franchise

• Inclination to operate independently in the field of skills development

• Basic entrepreneurial skills

• Enthusiasm and Commitment to a social cause

• Rest…we will take care


Other salient features

• No upper limit to the number of students you can have.

• Students admission happens throughout the year

• Backing of a well-established company

• A very relevant and much sought after program catering to all above the age of 4 years and every section of the society


Please feel free to call 09823054756 to get all your queries answered. I look forward to taking this ahead and making it a success.

Varsha Shinde

AURA – Nurturing Young Talent

Abacus & Vedic Mathematics

+91 98230 54756

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