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Solving arithmetic problems using abacus is a skill on its own. When a child solves arithmetic problems using abacus, his KVA (Kinesthetic, Visual and Auditory) skills improve dramatically. With the improvement in KVA skills, the skills required for the mechanics of learning improves.

Since Abacus is a skill, it needs to be practiced regularly. With practice of Abacus some of the benefits that can be seen are as follows:


• Improvement in problem-solving and mental arithmetic capabilities.

• Improvement in speed & accuracy in calculation, reading and writing.

• Numbers will not be abstract anymore and hence fear of numbers goes away.

• Improves concentration, memory and visualization.

• Improvement in academic performance.

• Learning will be a lot of fun.

• Enhances endurance, self-confidence and positive values.

• Develops a fine sense of sight & sound, finger movements and hand-eye coordination.

• Enhances creative & logical thinking and spatial reasoning.


• Since academic performance improves, parents are happy.

• Home work, project work, extra curricular activities are no longer a burden on the child.

• With an affordable investment spread over two years, parents can expect their children to utilize the skills acquired for the rest of their lives.

• Parents and teachers can see their children flourish and see success in all spheres of life.




• Students with good academic performance bring laurels and glory to the school.

• The school can take pride in moulding the future citizens of the country with good values.

• The school is creating an opportunity for children to flourish in life.

• The school is equipping their children with the right wherewithal to face competition from early years and to develop positive values in life.

Skills development in children using Abacus methodology is a proven and time-tested program, which works effectively across all children in the age group of 4 to 14 yrs. This area of work gives us an opportunity to provide value education to children at an early age. It equips children with the right skills to face this competitive world with confidence. Putting the children in a positive frame of mind through innovative programs like ours is a constructive task.

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