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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is this course all about?

    This is a skills development program for children (4 to 14 yrs). Using Abacus as an instrument and by developing the arithmetic skills of children, we work towards developing overall self learning skills.


  • How does this course benefit my child?

    The child applies the learning skills while studying academic subjects like science, social studies, language, maths, etc. The child performs well in mathematics and all other subjects. Mental arithmetic skills improve a lot. Fear of numbers (if at all it exists) vanishes. The child will find learning a fun activity.

  • Does the child improve only in maths or in other subjects too?

    The child shows remarkable improvement in all the subjects including maths.

  • Is there any conflict between school method and abacus method?

    No, there is no conflict. This is because, we don’t teach mathematics in our abacus training. Arithmetic is used only as a language and Abacus is used only as a tool. The child learns mathematics in school. We insist in our class rooms that the child necessarily has to follow the procedures taught in class.

  • How many classes are conducted in a week?

    One class is conducted in a week normally during weekends. The batch timings will be such that it does not clash with the school timings.

  • How many levels are there in all?

    Totally 9 levels

  • How long does each level last?

    The duration of each level is 3 months, i.e., 12 classes

  • That means, the entire course duration is approximately 2 years?

    Yes. It could be more considering the holidays coming in.

  • What is the origin of this Abacus program?
    Egypt is the origin of Abacus about 3000 yrs ago. It evolved as a calculating device in China, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan and other Far East Countries. Chinese, Indonesians and Malaysians discovered the utility of Abacus as a tool for developing self-learning skills in children. This was about 30 yrs ago. Abacus training entered India in 2001. We are present in this field since 2002.

  • Do you also conduct competitions at state level or national level?

    Yes, we do conduct regional level and national level abacus competitions.

  • When does my child get promoted to the next level? Any certificates are given?

    An assessment is conducted at the end of every level. On successful completion of assessment, your child will be promoted to the next level. Yes, a certificate will be given at the end of every level.

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