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Importance of developing learning skills in children :

In today’s competitive world, one of the crucial factors for progress is the skill required for the mechanics of learning. Very important factor called “Knowledge” is imparted in schools. After the formal education phase, knowledge is available through various media. A person who is equipped with the right skills required for acquiring this knowledge and applying the same in the work world will certainly see success. Concentration, speed & accuracy while calculating, reading or writing, memory retention & recall, visualization & creativity are just some of the essential learning skills we try to inculcate within students.

Studies have shown that about 85% of the growth of the human brain takes place between the age of 4 and 14 yrs. Brain cells that are stimulated before a child attains this age, will be utilized for the rest of his / her life. Learning skills that are imparted to a child of this age group will remain permanently with him / her.

The Concept :

Our goal is to initiate learning development in children through the development of arithmetic skills using the ABACUS, an ancient counting and calculating device. Fundamental arithmetic operations viz., addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are solved using an abacus. While using an abacus is a skill on its own, it also impacts a child’s KVA (Kinesthetic, Visual and Auditory) skills which improve dramatically. With the improvement in KVA skills, the skills required for the mechanics of learning improve.


The training is provided in nine levels of three months each, during which children will be made to solve arithmetic problems (ranging from everything including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions,decimals and much more). The complexity increases with the progress of every level. Children are made to solve simple to complex arithmetic problems with the help of the abacus physically as well as by visualizing the abacus. Hence their mental arithmetic skills improve drastically.


Though arithmetic is used extensively in the entire training program, the objective is not just improving a child’s arithmetic skills but improving a child’s overall academic performance by developing their learning skills. In the entire process, number is the language and Abacus is the tool.

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Development of the right brain by the abacus method of mental calculation :

The human brain consists of the right brain and the left-brain. The shapes of these two parts are similar, but differences have been gradually found in their functions. The left-brain is also referred to as the digital brain. It controls reading and writing, calculation, and logical thinking. The right brain is referred to as the analog brain. It controls three-dimensional sense, creativity, and artistic senses. These two work together to allow us to function as humans. In the abacus method of mental calculation, the learners manipulate abacus beads in their head to carry out a calculation. This had led us to speculate that this operation is effective in training the right brain or the analog brain. Thanks to the development of cerebral physiology and machines that can accurately measure the amount of blood flow in the brain, recent studies have proven that the abacus method of mental calculation is extremely effective in activating the right brain.


The programs for developing learning skills using the Abacus are designed by Academicians, Educationists and personnel with decades of experience in children psychology. The programs are time-tested and are proved to be very effective. This is confirmed by the feedback obtained from thousands of parents cutting across various sections of the society.

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