About us

Dear Parents, Franchisees and Principals of various educational organizations,

You are embarking on a mission to provide your students with the appropriate learning skills. This effort should result in your students excelling in all academic subjects (and not just mathematics), face this competitive world with confidence, be in a positive frame of mind all the time and eventually grow to be responsible citizens of the country. For this you need to partner with such people / organizations
• who have clarity in the objective, methodology, and concepts of Abacus training and Vedic Maths training,
• who have the right processes for training (students, instructors), quality maintenance, franchisee management,
• whose learning materials, certificates and assessment are of the highest quality,
• who are honest, law abiding citizens and follow all statutory requirements of the land,
• who care about value for money,
• who are sensitive to the requirements of all stake holders in your mission.

We are proud to say that we fulfill all the above requirements.

For further information about Abacus training and Vedic Maths training in your institution, please contact:

Mrs. Varsha Shinde
098230 54756